Who’s your CBeebies secret crush?

These days madmummy tends to zone out whenever CBeebies is on. As much as she praises its ability to educate and entertain, she values it more as a short term babysitter. She is passed the point of feeling shame for utilising its hypnotic pull, which allows her time to get dressed each day. Indeed, she puts much trust in its ability to keep the Hulk’s attention, ensuring he is safe from hazards, while she carries out her household duties. 

There was a time, during her maternity leave, when she had no choice but to sit down. She could sit on the sofa, guilt free, as washing pilled and dust gathered. Why? Breastfeeding. To enable her to breastfeed the Hulk, and keep Jabbermonkey entertained, she had no choice but to watch CBeebies for a number of hours a day. 

There was one program that she began to look forward to each day. She was shocked to discover that, dispite being happily married, she had developed a mini crush on Mr Bloom.’ 

 She recalls being quite disturbed by this, clearly she had watched so much kids telly that her mind had been warped. She had gone potty. She decided to google the symptoms of this brain disorder and discovered she was not infact alone in this affliction. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2631404/The-hunky-CBeebies-gardener-VERY-earthy-suggestions-army-yummy-mummy-admirers.html

Far from being a freak, it turned out that a trilby, wellies and dirty hands are a winning combination to plenty of other ladies. Lewd social media comments included requests for Mr Bloom to ‘come round and do my garden’. 

When madmummy confessed to a fellow mummy about this matter her friend merely smiled and informed her “I’m more of a Dr Ranj lady” 

“Dr Ranj is gentle….;)”  

As well as Mr Bloom  Madmummy  remembers also finding Ashley from  Magic Hands quite dishy. Post pregnancy hormones clearly has taken their toll.

 For the past 18 months Madmummy had been too busy to appreciate the eye candy on CBeebies. But recently she noticed this gentleman. Mr Bloom has competition. 😉 Perhaps other mad mums lusted over Mister maker (just one minute !)

 Some lady’s may secretly fantise about a wild adventure with Andy Day   
 Or perhaps they desire someone more colourful… 

So comment if you too have a secret crush on a presenter and help Madmummy feel less of a dirty saddo. 


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