The Adventures of Peter Rabbit (an unexpected sequel to the saga)



For the past week Madmummy has been using social media to appeal for information as to the whereabouts of Peter Rabbit. The Rabbit hunt began after Peter went missing on 3rd of May 2016 at roughly 12:00pm.

As per government guidelines on health for children Madmummy has been walking the children to school where possible,  rather than using the double buggy. Pushing over 50lbs of child for 3 miles each day was also starting to cripple her.

Peter had accompanied them to the school. As mentioned in the previous post, Peter does not stay at nursery, in case he s lost or covered in paint.   Without a bag or pushchair, and with a tired heavy toddler to carry home, Madmummy had pushed Peter Rabbit into the pocket of her raincoat. The journey home involved the Hulk intermittently walking and then being carried.  The Hulk isn’t one for holding on, so Madmummy had to use both arms to hold his heavy, floppy little body and walked as long as she could manage. When the pain in her arms and lower back grew unbearable she would put him down. Sometimes he would walk a few steps to give her some rest bite. Mostly, however his arms would shoot back up at her as he insisted that he be lifted up again.

Having made it home Madmummy had continued her afternoon jobs as usual. It wasn’t until she went to pick Jabbermonkey up that she realized she could not find Peter. She looked in her coat and all the logical places that she  would have put him. A thorough search of the house continued over the next 24 hours. It then dawned on Madmummy that, with the repeated bending and lifting, Peter may have fallen out of her pocket on the way from school.

After the guilt that was caused when Madmummy had the nerve to give Peter a wash a few weeks back, she dare not tell Jabbermonkey about her negligence. Desperate to find Peter she had retraced her steps the next day, to no avail. She had considered putting pictures of him on the lamp posts.  Daddykins had advised that  getting colour photos printed and laminated would be costly, time consuming and be a tad over the top. Madmummy had then turned to Facebook and asked friends to “share” to anyone who lived in the area. She was please and surprised to have 13 shares. 13 people happy to re-post onto their Facebook page just to help her get a Peter Rabbit toy returned to a little boy


Encouraged by the number of shares and the messages of support,  Madmummy had then searched Facebook for a page, especially for lost toys. She found one called Lost Toys Winnipeg. It seemed to have been a successful and popular page, so she liked it and then posted on their page. Madmummy was surprised and delighted to get 235 shares from the post on Lost Toys Winnipeg. It did however become apparent that Winnipeg was across the Atlantic! So she had now inadvertently twinned Bedworth, UK with Winnipeg in Canada!

OIMG_6579[1]n the 6th May Madmummy had  had word from a friend of a friend  on Facebook that Peter had been sighted earlier that week on a wall near to the school. Sadly he was no longer there. At this point another friend had kindly arranged to get a new Peter Rabbit sent out.

During the search for Peter Rabbit we had informed Jabbermonkey that Peter had gone on holiday and would be coming home soon.

Last night he arrived back looking clean and fresh (and a little fatter!) and Jabbermonkey was delighted to have a cuddle and look through his holiday snaps. It would appear that he has been on a round the world adventure and has promised to take Jabbermonkey with him next time.


So Jabbermonkey is happy to have him back and Madmummy is very thankful for all who shared and to her good friend who “returned” Peter Rabbit to her little boy.

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