Rain rant 

Madmummy has snapped. She has held in her anger for several weeks. But she must purge her fury. 

Having checked the sky and her trusty weather app she had decided that the Hulk would not be  needing a coat today. Out of habit she had put her rain coat on and left to collect Jabbermonkey. By the time she had dropped him off at school and had begun the tedious task of ushering the Hulk home she had begun to feel very hot. Having removed her coat and continued to chase the Hulk out of someones front garden , she glanced up and saw a familiar sight. A rain cloud. Throught much of June and July these dirty little invades have infected her summer sky. 

Her trust in the weather app prediction began to wane. She developed some sort of Druid-like sense and decided that enough is enough. Having forcible placed the Hulk in the pushchair and strapped him in she felt the winds pick up. She put her rain coat back on. Within seconds the rain started to fall. Looking up she saw that the entire sky was now overcast. 

Wearing rather delapidated pumps  she walked as fast as she could. A deluge began however. Cursing her weather app she plodded as fast as she could. She knew too well that the rain would ruin the integrity of her footwear.  Predictably, every time she attempted a little sprint a shoe would slip off. 

The rain lashed down on Hulks legs and hoody. The guilt surged in Madmummy who cursed herself for several bad choices. For wearing the wrong shoes, not putting the Hulk in his coat, for trusting the app that had lied to her in the past, for not seeing the rain cloud sooner and for not putting an end to Hulks meandering as soon as she left the school gates. If she had not allowed him the freedom to explore the foliage and watch the bees they would have been home by now. 

Thankfully no one was present to look on and cast judgement on Madmummies mistakes. Not that she would have noticed as her glassss were covered in raindrops- rendering her half blind. 

 Through the blury glass she sees a sight that brings forth such fury that she lets out an audible swear. On the pavement in front of her two cars had been inconsiderately parked on the left side of the pavement. I huge thornbush took up the right side. So as fast but safely as she can (bearing in mind she is physically blinded by rain and mentally blinded by anger) she walked/ran her beloved son into the busy road to continue the journey. An image of herself with a key in her hand scratching the paintwork kept popping up throughout the rest of the journey.  Her thoughts of vandalising finally deminsh when she got in, soaking wet, she looked again at her app. It informs her it is currently raining. 

So now that she has finished getting the Hulk and herself dried Madmummy is reflecting on why she felt such anger at the rain. The underlying issue is not that she dislikes rain but that it’s July!  There should not be a need for her to battle the Hulk into a rain suit or indeed have to wear bloody wellingtons EVERY SINGLE DAY!! She clearly is getting old, grumpy and quite mad to let something like rain vex her so. 

So here are some funny memes that help cheer her up. 


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